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FRAG srl is looking for a Senior Dimensional QC Inspector that will execute the dimensional inspection and Quality Control activities on site, collecting the relevant records.
Ensure that all dimensional operation are executed in accordance with all relevant engineering drawings, fabrication specification, Codes, Standards, and Subsidiaries procedures, Quality Control Plans/Inspection Test Plans.
  • In accordance with the Quality Control Plan, execute the dimensional inspections during all phases of the process of fabrication, construction, erection, installation activities on site, following relevant specified procedures, issuing the relevant Quality Records
  • Control proper calibration of all measuring equipment
  • Control and perform all measurements during mark-out and fit-up
  • Check and perform all measurements during welding
  • Check and perform all measurements after welding (and PWHT, if any)
  • Check and perform all measurements during preparation of assembly area and support points
  • Check and perform all measurements during fit up and after weld of assembly area of prefabrication, subassemblies, assemblies items, structures
  • Check and prepare the as built dimensional dossier relevant to final assembly in line with specified project requirements
  • Assist engineering functions during constructability analysis with regard to tolerances definition and consistency
  • Orderly collect and manage/check documents certifying test, controls and inspection documents, ensuring that all dimensional and measurement related records are properly retrievable within the final As-Built dossier
  • In case of subcontractor activities, ensure the correct implementation of the approved Quality Control Plan /Inspection Test Plans, witnessing inspection and collecting relevant Quality Control records
  • Diploma in Technical discipline
  • Knowledge of Quality Control principles, supervision topics and functions. Capability to apply Quality Control Plans
  • Knowledge and experience gained during design, installation and construction with main Industry standards applicable for business of reference
  • Capability to control, calibrate and adjust tools, instruments and other measuring and testing devices used in activities affecting Quality. Capability to protect the instrumentation from damage or deterioration during handling or maintenance
  • Very good knowledge of English language
Duration:         12 months
Location:         UAE
Availability:     September / October 2019

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