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FRAG srl is looking for a Represent the Vessel regarding all matters of quality on-board, ensuring the implementation, the management, the improvement and the application of a Quality Management System (QMS) on-board the assigned vessel and ensure the execution of Quality Control (QC) activities on-board during both Operations and Maintenance / Upgrading Projects.
  • Ensure implementation of QMS on board in compliance with applicable ISO Quality Standards, Quality Policies, Clients requirements, Rules and Regulations and Corporate/Company Requirements
  • Support Vessel Management Team (VMT) with respect to Quality related issues, interfacing with Client and Third Party Certification Authorities (TPCA) with regards to Quality related Contract Requirements during Assessments and Audits
  • Ensure that Vessel QMS documentation is distributed and properly implemented
  • Carry out Quality training and Inductions to key personnel and to newcomers on-board on quality topics
  • Cooperate in issuing, managing and analysing/investigate the Non Conformity Reports (NCR), ensuring the implementation of the relevant Corrective Actions (CA)
  • Coordinate and lead QC Team members as involved within Operations
  • Ensure that Quality Controls and Inspections are carried out according to QC Plans
  • Ensure and monitor the qualifications of QC personnel, supervising Inspections and ensuring proper filing and management of Quality Records
  • Ensure that all the measurement instruments are correctly managed and calibrated
  • Monitor Subcontractors Quality Performance during operations
  • Support project management in the Management of Change (MoC) process
  • Support Project Management Team (PMT) for systematic collection of Lesson Learned (LL) and feedbacks related to Offshore Operations
  • Perform Vessel/Project Quality Reporting as per applicable Project and/or Corporate Guidelines
  • Prepare a periodic KPI Reports, collecting Data available on Board, for analysing and evaluating Project performances
  • Support PMT with reference to Project Quality requirements implementation, support interface with TPCA and Class for Certification Requirements
  • Support Asset Team in the Scope of Work preparation ensuring relevant reviews and inductions with regards to quality matters
  • Provide support to the Project Team to retrieve vessel related documentation
  • Manage Project NCR in line with applicable Corporate Procedure
  • In coordination with the Project Quality Engineer (PQE), perform Project Site Quality Reporting as per applicable Corporate  Guidelines
  • In coordination with PQE, support the systematic collection of Site LL
  • Manage Quality / Manufacturing Bulletins, by maintaining Records, Logs and supporting Responsible Functions in the action definition
  • Support Project Quality Manager (PQM)/ PQE / in all quality activities, reviewing applicable QC Plans
  • Attend/Witness inspections according to applicable QCPs ensuring collection and full traceability of relevant Quality Records
  • Support PMT for final as-built documentation collection, organize it according to Vessel Document Management System, verify Subcontract Quality As Built Dossier section
  • Diploma in Technical discipline
  • Knowledge of advanced NDT technologies.
  • Capability to manage and monitor all NDT activities in laboratories and /or project/site and to implement Innovative Methods and Alternative Methods to replace wherever possible lionizing radiation.
  • Capability to check the calibration of NDT instruments and certification validity
  • Capability to provide the coordination of the project Quality activities implementation through Quality Plan, Quality Control Plan and Project Quality Procedures, guaranteeing compliance with contractual requirements and ISO Standards
  • Capability to train all personnel about Quality issues management and methodologies and to implement the training programs
  • Very good knowledge of English language
Duration:         12 months
Location:         UAE
Availability:     September / October 2019

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