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FRAG srl is looking for an Asset Development Manager with experience in Refinery especially in Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC Plant),  able to act as focus point and team leader for all the process route from the designing phase up to the tender preparation phase.
  • To lead a multidisciplinary team ranging from the process design to the material and corrosion aspect
  • To stay abreast of emerging technology in FCC and FCC catalysts.
  • To generate business case, in order to maximize future profit
  • To interface with multiple licensors in order to make the right choice in license selection
  • To assist in establishing Key Processing Best Practices to improve profitability in the following areas: Operating conditions, Feedstock processing, Hardware change recommendations, Monitoring process conditions and Unit performance reporting / comparison (benchmarking).
  • To interact with Refinery planning department to be sure that Supply commercial strategy in crude oil shall be properly reflected in the FCC plant revamp activity
  • To interact with Process Technical assistance to ensure full compatibility of redesigned streams to feed all other connected plant
  • To be able to understand and drive all economical matters related to the FCC revamp Project
  • To be able to ask for, to review and to integrate all relevant time and cost planning activity
  • To support capital development process in technology selection and front-end engineering.
  • To be responsible for the organizational set-up and definition of deliverables of the teams to ensure ‘toll gating’ towards the final investment decision FID
  • To be able to correctly address the studies and to properly manage the result of technical studies aimed to define the Plant operational life; more over to ask, receive and manage information defining how change in crude oil feed or run severity may impact on the plant operational life.
  • To take a full commitment to target all Environmental, Operational, Legal and Safety aspects connected to the ethic business vision of the Refinery; to adhere to Company’s Project Management guidelines and standards
  • To interact with all relevant, multiple stakeholder associate to the project
  • To report regularly and promptly to the Company Manager for the Refinery Master Plan
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering discipline
  • 10 years professional experience in projects and operations in Crude Oil Refining business with emphasis on Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) and associated equipment (Gas Conditioning Systems) required.
  • Field experience in troubleshooting FCC Units and optimization of FCC catalysts and additives required.
  • Experience in the following areas: Process Technical Assistance, Refinery Development, Engineering and Project Execution
  • Solid understanding of financial and economic aspects
  • Procurement and contract management experience
  • Proficient knowledge of English language
  • Strong knowledge of Project Management practices and skills, ideally with PMI certification or similar
Location: Romania
Duration: 12 months
Availability: asap

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