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The Senior Piping Engineer shall have the responsibility to deal, manage and execute all activities in the field of the piping engineering discipline.
To this purpose he/she is assigned to execute projects at level of Feasibility Studies, Basic Engineering, FEED, E/EP/EPC as appropriate, by producing the documents and the deliverables pertaining to the discipline, in compliance with the requirements.
  • To prepare and discuss with the Project Team the Project Execution Strategy and to assure its respect throughout the project development;
  • To prepare the discipline man-hour estimate for the given scope of work and to assure its respect by monitoring the project progress of the piping activities through the assessing of the Productivity Factor;
  • To carry out the activities of his/her competence in compliance with the safety, the budget, the schedule, the quality, the Contract, the Customer procedures, standards and work instructions, the International codes & standards, the applicable Law and the good engineering practice;
  • To assure the timely production of the documents/deliverables of competence;
  • To interface with the Customer, the Licensors and Vendors for piping design related activities that have an impact on project budget and schedule;
  • To interact with the other Discipline Leaders/Engineers to guarantee the best project development;
  • To give assistance during the construction and the commissioning phases from home office and/or at Site as per the project needs;
  • To coordinate the overall operation of the department by ensuring its adequacy with respect to the requirements of the projects, following also the development of the Company’s business;
  • To actively participate to the Plant Site surveys aimed at collecting all necessary piping & plant design information and data for the development of the Project;
  • To prepare otherwise to check the General Notes on drawings, typical piping details, plot plans and scope layout studies, as necessary;
  • To execute otherwise to check 3D model design, as necessary and to participate to the internal and Customer model review sessions;
  • To execute otherwise to check the isometric drawings, as necessary;
  • To prepare the insulation specification;
  • To prepare the material take-off (MTO) for the piping, the piping valves, the insulation & painting and to keep them updated during all phases of the project. The MTOs shall be done in agreement with the Corporate methodology to allow for the preparation of the relevant work requisitions (WR);
  • According to his/her expertise to execute otherwise to deal with the piping material and the piping class design (component specifications, piping special component specifications, field testing, technical bid evaluations, supply follow-up);
  • According to his/her expertise to execute otherwise to deal with piping metallurgy and the piping welding design (piping welding specifications, piping fabrication and erection, heat treatment, examination and testing of welded joints, positive material identification (PMI));
  • According to his/her expertise to execute otherwise to deal with the piping stress analysis and support design (definition of critical lines, check of supports of critical and non-critical lines on piping construction drawings, support design and selection of proper type of support (spring, bellow, etc.), material requisitions, technical bid evaluation, supply follow-up);
  • To provide feedback to the Head of Engineering about any problem raised in the performance of the piping engineering and/or from application of standard methods and work instruction to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the department.
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • At least 10 years experience as Piping Engineer in Oil&Gas sector
  • Experience in Piping Engineering leadership in FEED phase
  • Fluent knowledge of the main important 2D/3D design software
  • Fluent written and spoken English
Location:              Spain
Duration:              6 months
Availability:          asap

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