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Coordinate area personnel in workshop activities; distribute workload to achieve required productivity and quality of machining.
Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
The jobholder is responsible for:
  • Coordinate workshop personnel;
  • Coordinate planned activities received from COMPANY;
  • Ensures every worker and area in general meet performance criteria in terms of quantity and quality;
  • Ensure proper use of workshop space, equipment and appliances, uniform (continuous) work rate;
  • Promptly prepare production, ensures the order of the workers and crews;
  • Issues instructions to workers, carries out activities to implement work rules, safety, production and labor discipline and sanitation, as well as control over their observance;
  • Monitors compliance to technology, identifies and addresses the causes of their violation;
  • Enhances productivity, reducing labor cost based on the rational use of equipment and its technical capabilities, improving shift operation rate of equipment, sparing consumption of raw materials, fuel, energy and cost reduction;
  • Organizes the introduction of advanced methods and techniques of labor, as well as the form of the organization, evaluation and rationalization of jobs and workplaces;
  • Ensure the quality of products or work performed;
  • Ensures the accurate and timely processing of primary documents to record working time, production, salaries and downtime;
  • Promotes professional development of workers, their training and qualification upgrades, implementation of best practices, conducts educational work in a team;
  • Knowledge of mechanics, welding, repairs, calibrations.
Qualifications & Experience:
The jobholder must be Expatriate (Western) and he must have:
  • Special professional technical education diploma;
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in the same position.
Required Competencies:
The jobholder must have proven:
  • Norms and regulations, guidance relating to workshop activities;
  • Specifications, technological and design parameters and requirements for works performed by the area and the technology of its production;
  • Equipment of the area, tools, appliances, fixtures and rules for their technical operation;
  • Technology processes and modes of production;
  • Technical and economic requirements for raw materials, intermediate products, components and finished products;
  • Basics of economics, production organization, labor, management, internal work rules;
  • Implementation of advanced local and international practices in production management;
  • Rules and norms of labor protection, safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection.
Location:             Egypt
Duration:            12 months renewable

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