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FRAG srl is looking for a Commissioning Manager with experience in Refinery.
Mainly he will be manage the activities regarding the Hydrocracking process and the work will be develop at the beginning in Italy and after in Thailand.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Prepare and finalize the commissioning strategy of the project and assure his implementation throughout the entire project life. For specific topic, such as planning, involving high level of expertise, the Commissioning Manager operates in co-ordination with the Construction Manager and Planner Coordinator/Manager;
  • Assure the preparation of the project deliverables, their consistency with contract requirements and their quality through a dedicated team, regardless the location and distribution of the engineering department in charge of the development of such documents;
  • Assure the compliance of the assigned budget;
  • Interface Engineering Departments, Client and Vendors representatives in the execution of the job;
  • Finalize the field activities plan, the organization chart, the mobilization plan for personnel and vendors;
  • Assign and define duties among the discipline Supervisors for supporting the Vendor field supervisor(s);
  • Organize and co-ordinate all site activities, from pre-commissioning up to the performance test, as requested in the contract;
  • Propose corrective actions in order to overcome upset and delays at site in order to fulfil the overall target of the project;
  • Organize the technical training according to Department standards and Company requirement;
  • Participate to the Performance test either Vendor packaged units or Plant units where required;
  • Approve the Vendor supplied items (packages) Provisional Acceptance Certificate prior to Site Manager for formal acceptance.
  • To provide the Commissioning Final Report that includes all observations related to the project concerning organization, manpower and technical aspects;
  • To provide feedback to the Head of Department concerning problems arising from the implementation of methodology and work instructions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the department; organize the most important observations in the form of instructions for improvements;
  • To provide feedback to the Engineering Managers (PEM, PM) concerning the technical problems arising in field during the execution of activities, either related to design, quality of material, Vendor packaged units, Vendor assistance and quality of construction.
  • The candidate has to have a long experience as Commissioning Manager in Refinery projects
  • Very good knowledge of Integrated Hydrocracking (HCU) and/or Residue Hydrocracking Unit (RHCU) refinery process technology
  • Fluent knowledge of English is mandatory
  • Willing to travel
Starting Date:   November 2018
Duration:         12 months renewable
Location:         Italy / Thailand

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