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Instrument Supervisor with significant Construction experience in Oil & Gas Plants and with testing and commissioning experience of both MV and LV switchgear’s.
  • Check in advance, in cooperation with Field Material Controller, if the material to be used for the erection of planned works is available and report to Construction Manager any deficiency and the information on the approximate arriving date of material
  • Assist the Field Material Controller, if required, for the unloading of instrument equipment and checking of parts that arrive disassembled on site
  • Check and approve the material request prepared by Subcontractor. In particular the checking consists to verify if materials required are correct in quantity and quality for work planned, and in accordance with drawing and specifications. Subcontractor shall have certain backlog to continue work without interruptions
  • Make sure that materials and equipment used are in accordance with project technical documents and applicable codes and specifications
  • Check the efficient productivity of Subcontractors labour with regards to the quality and quantity.
  • Check material quality and provide that all field tests are made according to project technical documents and applicable codes and specifications
  • Monitor Subcontractor execution of the work in order to maintain the program and in case of deficiency promptly define and implement corrective actions that permit to comply with the schedule
  • Verify and discuss with Construction Manager and Field Project Engineer eventual modifications
  • Record any modification after approval and in cooperation with Construction Manager inform the Subcontract Administrator if involving contractual changing
  • Prepare and fill the Request of Work Execution (R.W.E.) form for any extra work out of contract or for modification, for further approval by other functions, before the execution of the work itself, as per procedure
  • Make sure Subcontractors observe safety procedures and job site activity regulations and oblige them to eliminate any dangerous situation
  • Check that Subcontractor is working on the base of last edition of all drawings and other technical documents
  • Check the execution of the works, which must be in accordance with technical documentation, work progress, applicable codes and rules, authorizing consequently the activity of accounting for the installed quantities. Take action to correct any deficiency. Refer to Safety Regulations for Instrument Works on site
  • Check acceptance forms for performed work and state that work is in accordance with Drawings/requisitions or reject the work with a precise description why
  • Prepare, issue to Subcontractor, and file Construction and Final Punch Lists, and follow up the completion of relevant outstanding works
  • Italian language is mandatory
  • Good knowledge of English language
  • Minimum 5 years experience in the role
10 Months from September 2017

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